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Support Agreements

Keep Your Systems Performing with a Dedicated and Cost-effective IT Support Team

We know how IT can be used within businesses to increase productivity and enhance operations. Through businesses growth and hardware and software evolution, we can be by your side, understanding what is required to keep your IT systems working at an optimal level. With Danet’s Support Agreement, you won’t have to worry about your IT as it will always remain up-to-date, secure and efficient. As your partner in business, we will pro-actively maintain your IT systems and be there to advise you at all times. We can be your Virtual CTO, monitoring your system every 5 minutes to keep your business systems robust and dependable.

Pro-Active Maintenance

You wouldn’t own a car without regularly servicing it. This principle applies to IT system’s as well. A properly maintained environment will ensure your office is always working as efficiently as possible in the most secure and resilient way.

Pro-Active Monitoring

Our monitoring agent’s report back to our Network Operation Centre every 5 minutes, constantly updating us. When pre-determined thresholds are met, such as low disk space, over CPU utilisation or high RAM consumption, an alert is raised and one of our engineers is dispatched to investigate.

Unlimited Support

Our agreements include unlimited remote support during business hours. Having a problem you need to address, we are only an email or a phone call away. Our highly trained technical team are there to help, and it’s all covered on our Pro-Active maintenance and support agreements.

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