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IT Security

Maximise your defences, find your vulnerabilities and keep your business cyber resilient

Critical business information is being increasingly shared between staff, clients and vendors, to the point where entire business operations are online and on cloud-based servers. We know how to find the optimal balance to keep your business data secure without creating complexities so that staff can work effectively with ease. We can be your dedicated Security Operation Centre, monitoring your system remotely every 5 minutes to detect any system hacks or breaches. If any aspect of your IT requires attention, we can react immediately from our headquarters to resolve the issue. In a similar way we monitor your software to ensure that all patches are installed and that your systems are continually up to date. As many staff and employers desire a ‘BYO device’ scenario, we facilitate the setup of devices as well as the removal of critical data before a user and their devices leave an organisation.

Web Protection

  • Prevent your staff from accessing malicious sites through our DNS protection services.
  • Restrict browsing to inappropriate sites by blocking access to particular categories.
  • Log all web traffic for future analysis.

Email Protection

  • Stop unwanted email by capturing spam before they reach your inbox through our spam filtering service.
  • Analyse all links within email to ensure they are safe and prevent staff from clicking through to malicious sites.
  • A properly configured email solution will prevent 3rd parties from impersonating your email and defrauding your customers.
  • Ensure historical emails are always kept through our cloud to cloud backup.

Endpoint Protection

  • In a mobile workforce, your machines need to be protected both inside and outside your network
  • Installing antivirus on your system isn’t enough, it needs to be configured with the latest protection policies

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